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The Scent of Mulling Spice

With the scent of mulling spice in the air, we know a season is upon us. The history of mulling spice is a bit murky, but it can be traced back to Greece, and then to the Romans, who made it popular, where they added combinations of spices to their warmed wine, to stay warm in the harsh European winters. While the exact combination of spices can vary, mulling spice can be added to teas, to ciders, such as in England where it's called Wassel. To wines,

in Germany speaking countries and France, where it's called Gluwhien, and in Nordic countries, where it's added to wine, it's simply called Glogg. A tradition for many european countries, and their ancestors across the world, it is the scent of the autumn and winter seasons, remembered by many.

At Balance Botanicals, our Christmas Tea is a seasonal treat. Each year we eagerly await, the scent of Mulling Spice.

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