Balance Botanicals shop, offers a wide range of products to enhance and balance one's life.  The inventory will grow and adapt as we do, but the framework is in place and we now offer a large selection of teas - in blends or individually; spices; herbs; dried fruit and nuts; plus many more botanicals and containers to keep them in.  Everything is bulk and completely organic.  We refill all our liquid products! So please come down Main Street and visit us at both our locations and find balance.

Balance Acupuncture & Massage began in May 2008 with the idea of creating a multi-disciplinary clinic.  These two modalities, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy, as practiced in British Columbia seemed destined to go together.  The tea dream began years ago, even from the beginning of the clinic and days in school visualizing what lay ahead.  We began selling various medicinal teas in the reception room of the clinic and it slowly became a great success.  Now people who came to our clinic really had some options for balance!    As the tea branch grew and grew, the time came to open a shop! 

Please visit Balance Acupuncture & Massage at 4338 Main Street and at